Just $5/month

1 account, unlimited reservations.

  • Availability calendar.
  • Range of time/days for easy booking of multiple reservations.
  • Confirm, reject, or postpone reservations.
  • Store your clients’ contact information easily.
  • Your homepage, fully responsive.

Will I be charged for automatically?

No. When your 30-day trial is up, you will have the option to purchase and we’ll ask for your credit card then. We will not have your payment information and you will not be charged before this time.

How will clients find my schedule?

You may share direct link to your homepage, or they can find you in internet during their search. Your personal link is and you can change this in your profile settings.

I normally have a regular schedule, however sometimes I offer extra hours or take personal time. Can I easily change my availability in my calendar?

Yes. You may add extra times/dates that are not included in your regular schedule. You can also delete any times/dates from your calendar while you are on vacation.

Will clients receive notification of appointments made?

Yes. Client receives initial email notification once reservation request has been confirmed, rejected or postponed.