Set up your calendar and help your clients easily reserve sessions with you.

Walter Bernhard, certified masseur:

«My clients can easily check my online calendar and reserve a convenient time - Many reserve several sessions for different dates at once

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  1. Does checking on your availability take too much time away from your work?
  2. Do you find it difficult to keep track of clients' contact information? Would it be easier if you could keep it all in one place?
  3. Is managing your reservations, especially moving appointments to another date and time, your least favorite part of your practice?

We can help. is designed for you.

We can help. is designed for you.

Online reservations have never been this easy for the provider or the client.

Simplified scheduling.
Perfect scheduling for those who work on regular or floating basis, all day or part time. Whatever your working schedule, we’ve made this process as fast and easy as possible for you and your clients.
Online reservations.

Manage your reservations: confirm, deny, or reschedule reservation requests. You are in full control.

Your clients can even request several dates/times at once.

Scheduling on-the-go, for the modern provider.
Check your schedule from your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Collect all of your clients’ contact information in one place.
My homepage.
Simply share your personal link with your clients, publish your schedule, and receive reservation requests in real time.
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If you have any questions, please ask. We’re here to help you.